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Haunted Future 5 years Anniversary - Greece

  • near Atenas Greece (map)

We are inviting all the family for celebrating the 5 years existence of this team which gave to all of us great moments and memories.Our target is to have a nice gathering on Friday night with chat and fire on a cycle for the first day.Then Saturday morning will start the 24 hours music experience with some of our favorite artists until Sunday morning.We hope all the family can make it to be present in this birthday edition.

Ogoun (Alice-D Records) ITA / BRA

Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma Music) SWITZ

Orestis (Sonic Loom Music) GR

Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records) ITA

Necropsycho (Alice-D Records) BRA

Yaminahua (Osom Music) SWITZ

Confo (Parvati Records) GR

Noema (Another Dimension Music) GR

Ngenpin (Haunted Future Team) CHILE

Murukhan (HippyFlip Records) SWEDEN

Pannick (Dark Prisma Records) GR

Ater Imperium (Nature Reunion) GR

Biscottino (Unknown World) BARCH

line up is closed :)

On Funkion-One Soundsystem


Haunted Future team and Friends


Nearest Airport Athens
Secret Location

Entry fee

250 Limited Presales

Until End of April 55 euros
Until End of June 65 euros
Until End of August 75 euros

For Presales contact : hauntedfuture@yandex.com


Haunted Future Team




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