August 2014.

Necropsycho 2014

This year 2014 it very great power psychedelic scene. The scene remains strong throughout the world, people of all present at many festivals in Europe, Americas and Asia places. Where I meeting this year, met friends and new friends from around the world. See how it strengthens people inside doing other cultures and celebrating a beautiful way with our music.

In June I was in Europe and great moments alongside DarkWhisper (Ogoun), we left for the tour through Switzerland (Lost in Reality Daydance) and then drive the Following gigs in Germany (Psycrowdelica), Slovakia (The Ritual) and Hungary (Alice D Label Party) and Finishing by OneLove festival in switzerland, where I had honor of meeting and listening Sectio Aurea.

And after the European tour, we stop in at Kasol in India, for an event Maa Hadimba Festival. During this period working for a possible next Ogoun Album and My next EPs, I'm working on india EP The Gods Carrier, A Tour to India in August with PuraVida, this out this month of September. And another Ep to tour in Central America (CostaRica, Guatemala and Mexico) in October and November.

In the moment i stai in Mumbai with greet Family and my indian parents <3... and i wait next date 30 August, to play in Delhi and 06 September in Bangalore... india tour with PuraVida

I was B-day in 16 august, celebrate in Samadhi Parvati festival in MG - Brasil, and Freaks United in Sao Paulo, Big thanks my friends and my Family!


next dates in Brasil is Earthdance and Psychofreaks meet Nekropolis...September dates.

I want to say thanks all who follow my projects. And I wish Light and holy conscience accompany for all!

hugs and greetings.
om shanti!

I leave here some of what already happened this year.

Samadhi Parvati Festival - Mg ll Brazil :: necropsycho B-day!<3

Listen demo new ep. the gods carrier.

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